About the Firm

Founded in 1970, Mark Weaver & Associates (MWA) is a full-service design firm headquartered in Los Angeles.

MWA’s extensive portfolio covers a diverse and distinctive body of work including residential installations, private aircraft, yachts and private island retreats. The firm’s work has spanned projects from Los Angeles to New York, restorations of historic estates in Nantucket and Santa Barbara, a townhouse in London, renovations and interiors for a 16th century palazzo in Piacenza, Italy. In addition, MWA has completed prestigious private corporate installations, including offices, for Fortune 500 companies.

MWA provides its clientele with inviting and gracious environments that are sensitive to scale and proportion, dramatically lit and filled with meticulously chosen furniture, art and antiques. The firm eschews trendiness, instead seeking to discover its clientele’s passions and desired lifestyles, tailoring their work to each client’s discerning tastes.

Mark A. Weaver

Mark is a native of Southern California. His hallmark style integrates the old with the new, juxtaposing clean modern lines with classical elements. Mark’s Italian heritage has greatly influenced his love of history, architecture and antiquity. His interest in travel and culture takes him abroad searching for the rare and unusual. Obsession to quality and attention to detail are key elements of his signature style.

With a passion for all aspects of a project from planning, construction and landscaping to the finish details, Mark and his team work closely with leading architects and contractors to assure a seamless integration of all elements needed to meet the client’s expectations.

Mark has been recognized by a breadth of national and international publications, earning him a loyal following of clients around the world. Mark regularly lectures at UCLA’s interior design program and is a founding member of both the the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. He is also a member of the Decorative Arts Council for LACMA and a patron of the Los Angeles Opera.

Darrell P. Wilson

Darrell is a Principal Designer with MWA. His approach to design has been shaped by a wide range of influences, from mid-century Italian and French furniture to classical architecture. The result is a point of view that is grounded in both the aesthetic and historical.

A consummate craftsman and designer, Darrell enjoys exploring overarching visions for projects as well as meticulously applying his attention to hand-crafted details to a range of work he leads at MWA. Whether contemporary or traditional, the architecture, furniture, and furnishings all receive equal and well-deserved consideration.

Darrell received his undergraduate degree and Master of Architecture at Princeton University and a Master of Fine Arts at Otis College of Art and Design.

Blakeley Craft

Blakeley Craft, Interior Designer & Studio Director at Mark Weaver & Associates, graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a degree in Interior Design with Professional Designation.

With a tenure of nearly eight years at Mark Weaver & Associates, and nearly 20 years in the industry, she offers a multitude of skills, managing the design studio, guiding the staff, and overseeing project management and design for the firm’s projects.

The most exciting part of her career has been working alongside Mark, Darrell, and the firm’s dynamic clientele.